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General Questions

1How long is the process to build a custom website for our company?
The length of time it takes to build out a custom website is entirely independent of the company that we are working with. Some websites take as little as a week and others can take more than two months depending on the complexities and features that are being built into the site. As long as there is clear and constant communication between the Cicor Marketing team and the company, most sites can be completed inside of just a couple of weeks.
2If I need changes made to my site, how long does it typically take?
If you are managing the content on your own website then you make the changes yourself and they are practically instant. If you submit changes to us to make, we typically try to have them completed the same day or within 24 hours of receiving the notification.
3How much does my site cost me monthly?
This depends on your level of support from Cicor Marketing. Clients that host and manage their own completed website project pay absolutely zero. Other clients that choose to have us manage all of the security updates and patches do pay based upon their site complexity. Other clients that engage us for even more long term services such as monthly SEO changes, AdWords (PPC), social media marketing, public relations, and other services along those lines have varying cost associated with each of them.
4Do you require that we host our website with you?
Absolutely not! Our clients are free to choose their own hosting companies for their websites. We do however have specific requirements that we must meet in order to ensure that your website will perform and operate as you would expect therefore we can guide you on which hosting plan is most suitable for your own specific needs.
5Do you provide Service Level Agreements (SLA's)?
Yes, we can provide SLA's based upon the hosting solution and type of project we are working with you on.


1If we work with you, what options do we have for our website?
The options are practically endless. Since our goal is to best represent your company online, we work with you to formulate the best design and color matches for your website.
2Why do I need to pay for SEO to be incorporated into my website?
SEO is the lifeblood of your website once it deploys since it is the aspect of your site that search engines rely upon in order to know who you are and what you do. The parameters that need to be set on a page by page basis (if done correctly) take large amounts of time.

To put it in perspective, would you build a house without electrical or plumbing? Not having SEO for your website is like having a house with neither of them.
3Will your brand our project to match our company?
Most definely! Our goal is to make those customers of yours feel like they are right on pace with everything else they know about you. So branding your website to match your company is essential.


1When working on a project for us, what tools do you utilize?
The computer systems at Cicor Marketing are all kept up to date with the lastest versions of software and antivirus protection. We will work with your existing designers or have our own design staff create those unique images and items for you.
2Do you ensure our website is registered with the search engines?
We would not be doing our job if we didn't. You can have the greatest website in the world, but if the search engines don't know it exist then how are they going to let new clients and customers find you.
3Who do you recommend for hosting?
Because of many little known industry changes that were made by some of the largest hosting companies in the market which were harming website owners, Cicor Marketing decided to partner with Rackspace hosting who is a Top 10 in the world rated hosting company. This ensures that our clients that utilize our provider get the best options, most stable environment, and highest availability for their website.
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