How We Work With Our Customers | Cicor Marketing | Tampa Chicago

How we work


Step 1

Contracts are signed by both parties and the deposit is paid towards your project.

Step 2

Our designers and developers start on your project per the contract schedule.

Step 3

Your site is launched and we pay close attention to the analytical performance

Step 4

Your company starts to generate more revenue because of the new site

We help you build a better business

We analyze your website

One of the biggest mistakes companies can make is to think that a new website is the fix. For the first 60 days we still support your website to ensure that the proper SEO parameters are indexing and working correctly for you.

We make tweaks as needed

The search engine algorithms are constantly changing and so is the need to ensure that your site is meeting their criteria. The wrong content on the wrong page can cause your ranking to worsen if not adjusted accordingly.

Why do people choose us?

It isn't because of our smiles (we give those for free), but rather the quality that we offer to our clients from start to finish.
We only launch a project as live when the client agrees it is where they are happy.
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