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Social Media is, for all practical aspects, a modern requirement to every business in this day and age. The use of Facebook, Twitter, and the ever growing other forms of social media outlets has become more and more crucial to a business to not only survive but to prosper.

The power of social media for businesses is undeniable, but is your company using social media the right way? Each platform requires a different strategic approach, and it’s essential to know what are the right messages to say, when to say them, and how to gain the most out of each social media platform.  It’s important to incorporate a professional social media plan into your marketing and content strategy and ensure the language and overall vibes are aligned.

A successful social media marketing campaign can allow a business to reap the rewards in the form of new revenue for the company. The process of building a social media campaign however can be challenging if done incorrectly.  In order to have success within a social media campaign a solid strategy needs to be developed to ensure there is a following for the company, that there is enough dialogue through the channels to attract new customers, detailed analytical information to determine effectiveness, and being able to provide responses to those followers regarding their comments.

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Social Media Strategy Development

Whether you’re a progressive, hip company or a more traditional, serious business, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with your social media strategy. There is an enormous market and potential audience at your fingertips, but you have to know the right way to reach them. Investing in a professional social media strategy is an investment in the future of your company.

Social Media Strategy Process

Assessment: If you already have a social media presence, we will evaluate your current profile and activities and determine your strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to your business goals and social media best practices.

Plan: We will use the information from our assessment to develop a social media plan with executable strategies that are consistent with your marketing objectives.

Timeline: Once we are all on board with your social media plan, we will outline the specifics of your strategy: How we will implement each tactic, when the plan will begin, and our recommendations for best posting times.

Know Your Audience

Stay up-to-date with your social media strategy

Social Media Profile Enrichment

We know how to put your best face forward and to improve your social media profiles

Make the difference with both your company and key individual’s Social Media Profiles. We know how to put your best face forward and can improve your social media profiles to reflect your business.

Great content can be essential to ranking your company online, however if your corporate and executive profiles don’t live up to the content then it won’t make a difference because in the end you don’t look professional.  Poorly sized and pixelated images, amateur design for the website and social profiles, or worse yet an perceived attitude that you don’t care about the online presence is a surefire way to lose your audience.

Through cohesive branding and consistency, you’ll create a strong, lasting impression of your company and key staff.  Your social profiles need to reflect your business’ branding and messaging through all forms of interaction.

Your business SEO strategy shouldn’t stop at your website; maximize the SEO opportunities available by carrying through strategic phrases into your social media content to increase your search engine rankings.

Creating your online voice needs to be planned, deliberate, and consistent. We’ll help you determine the right identity for your social profiles and ensure you’re connecting with your target audience.

    How do we enhance your social profiles?

  • Aesthetics
  • Branding
  • Illustrations
  • Video
  • Reputation Management
  • SEO
  • Voice

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