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Marketing Automation can catapult companies over existing competitors by allowing them to interact with their potential customers quicker and more efficiently across numerous methods of communication.   Regardless of the size of the business or focus of what the company provides, marketing automation allows large or small companies the ability to engage leads to drive them to convert the sale.  So regardless of your business type (retail or B2B), there is a huge advantage to gain by adding a marketing automation strategy.

Lead Nurturing & Scoring

Automate drip email campaigns to continually engage leads early in the sales process. Educate them and stay top of mind as they move their way through the purchase decision. Notify salespeople when leads are ready to buy.

Score leads based on engagement. Increase or decrease scores based on page visits, filled out forms, content downloads and the demographic characteristics that fit your sales model. Decrease scores by setting a “decay rate,” and automatically nurture leads until they are ready to be sold.

This allows for you to focus your sales team on hot prospects.

Automate Your Workflow

Save Time & Money

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CRM System Integration

Allowing You to Manage Customer Interactions Better

CRM Systems are not just for big businesses any more.  A variety of CRM solutions are available that allow companies to better manage their leads and customers while enhancing their sales channels.  Consolidation of customer information and the use of the data to manage and analyze customer interactions throughout the lifecycle process for a company aligns with the aspect of improving customer service relationships and yielding a higher customer retention.

Cicor Marketing works with their clients to compile customer data across different channels and device types that include client websites, telephone, live chat, direct mail, downloaded marketing materials, and even social media.  These various points of contact between our clients and their customers give our clients the ability to have detailed information regarding personal information, purchase history, buying preferences, and even concerns.

CRM’s Tie It All Together

Cicor Marketing is able to integrate into the content distribution, lead nurturing process, and into various social media channels methodologies the help our clients to foster customer relationships and even monitor customer attitudes.  By utilizing the power within a CRM, Cicor Marketing is also able to work with the analytical data that is gathered to create better customer satisfaction rates for our clients and further enhance the ability to create targeted marketing campaigns to meet client objectives.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Know Your Customers Better


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