CICOR Marketing Building Blocks

Getting to know you

We analyze your wants, needs, and most importantly your business goals. But we do gain a thorough understanding of your business model and objectives to carefully craft a unique strategy to meet and surpass your goals.

Cultivating The Partnership

Collaboration, communication, and commitment are the reasons why we have successful partnerships. Every project is based on a detailed study of your company, product or service, and understanding of your end game. We work together to bring your vision to life.

Fulfilling Goals

Your project is our priority! In doing so, we work with you to keep your project on task and that you’re satisfied with the end result. And we like our sleep, so rest assured, you will be pleased.

It’s that simple

By Focusing On The Objectives We Bring It All Together

We design & develop experiences for our client’s customers

Marketing Objectives

Just like the CICOR name, the objectives of a successful marketing strategy can follow the SMART acronym.

Can the objective be detailed enough to target a specific area for improvement or opportunity?

Can a quantitative or qualitative metric be determined and applied?

Can the objective be attained so that it is in alignment with corporate goals and produce results?

Can the information be applied to the specific problem faced by the organization and be results oriented?

Can the objective be set for different time periods and tracked to measure the success?

We Keep It Simple

There is no need to over complicate the process

Planning is key with any strategy, so the better the information gathering process is the more successful the project outcome will be.

Contracts are signed by both parties per the final specifications and terms of your project.

Our designers and developers start on your project per the contract schedule.

Your site is launched and we pay close attention to the analytical performance

Your company starts to generate more revenue because of the new website or the specific marketing endeavor that was completed.


Why do people choose us?

It isn’t because of our smiles (we give those for free), but rather the quality that we offer to our clients from start to finish.

We only launch a project once a client agrees it is ready.

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Regardless of your business vertical, CICOR Marketing has the ability to help your business grow.

Having already completed projects in 50+ vertical markets, we have the experience to work with clients and build their business success.