Website Content Development

At CICOR Marketing, we are committed to researching and creating quality, brand-focused content that will generate interest and drive quality traffic focused on business success!

Often companies, non profits, and other organizations focus on publishing frequent content on their blogs to drive traffic and attract customers. But does that really work?

You can’t compete with quantity, but you CAN commit to a quality content strategy that gives you an edge over competitors.  There is a more pressing need to make sure that a company’s brand and products are relevant to the audiences (customers) searching for them in a manner that not only is consistent with the brand identity but also the content around those publications that really is meaningful.

Quality. Consistency. Publicity.

What does all this mean? It means investing in “quality over quantity” for your content strategy.

Quality. Consistency. Publicity.

Professional Content for Better Leads

Create. Content Drives Traffic.

In a perfect world, writing is clear, concise, and connects with the reader; it is informative, illuminating, and illustrative. While this may only be the utopian fantasy of our writers, it sure is a good one. The content on your website allows readers to understand who you are through words; it’s the ultimate first impression that can draw customers in with striking content or push them far far away with repetitive fluff, confusing jargon, or the dreaded mechanical errors. We love words, so you will love your content, too. If you like your content but just need a tune-up, we will freshen up your text and fix the nitty gritty errors.

Just like unprofessional images, amateur writing or writing with even a few errors can send your customers quickly away from your website, leaving them with a negative image that discredits your company. The details are important to us; we really set a standard above what you’d see anywhere else. At least, that’s what we hear from our clients.

  • Web copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Media Kits

Customer Based Content

Taking you to the next level

We want to take you to the next level of content marketing!
Here’s how:

  • Well-research content focused on YOUR particular products and services.
  • Content that is evergreen (always relevant), and that can be shared again, and again on social media.
  • Links to relevant news that can be consistently updated and always stay fresh.
  • Call-to-actions on EVERY article to draw readers back to your website.
  • Consistent, less frequent blog updates.
  • Media Kits

With so many useful ways of connecting to potential clients as well as existing ones, Cicor Marketing provides the best content focused around your product or service. We have the ability to write content across all the many different forms of social media as well as other marketing tools.

Some other marketing tools for content writing can include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…)
  • Portfolio or Product descriptions
  • Advertisement
  • HIPAA Compliant Forms

Company Tone focused

Content written to support your audience