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All of our websites are created with responsive design in mind. Meaning visitors are coming to your site using many different types of devices: they can visit your site on their desktop or laptop, tablet, and phone. A big part of website design is ensuring that no matter how the visitor sees your site, they should have a similar experience regardless of the device they are using. Your website should be professional, engaging, search-friendly, and compatible across multiple devices and platforms.

Whether it is a small business or a large corporation, we help our clients achieve an online presence that delivers the best for their company. If the goal is to provide information, product details, drive e-commerce sales, or web applications, we can ensure that the visitors enjoy an informative, user-friendly and interactive experience.

We offer a comprehensive service from the basics like domain registration and hosting to the design of logos, sourcing of photographic images, layout, programming, and deployment and unlike many of our competitors, everything is handled in-house.

Focused On Client Success

Our web designers focus on what is important to your own business and the goals needed to help you to succeed.  By placing your goals (not ours) first we create custom, attention grabbing sites from one person companies to international businesses.

We consistently amaze our clients with the customization, illustration, and integration capabilities that we can incorporate into a website. Some of these great features include:

  • Custom design and development
  • Graphic design to enhance the visual experience of the website
  • Photography & Videography
  • Customized E-Commerce Shopping
  • Website search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Integration of digital ads to enhance site and sales traffic
  • Complete reporting, including sales history and traffic analysis

Making It Happen

Results Driven Web Development

Mobile Website Development

Everyone today has an internet enabled phone or most commonly a smart phone that allows them the ability to look up information on-the-go, and if your website can only be viewed from a desktop, you can watch your customers turn to the competition. CICOR Marketing will evolve your site to be a beautiful, clean, user friendly mobile website.

CICOR Marketing understands the important details that are crucial to beautiful, functioning mobile website, and we incorporate absolute necessary tools such as “click to call”.  These type of features are essentially mandatory for every website and are always included with every project we develop.

  • Click to Call
  • Maps and Directions
  • Click to Email
  • Designs for Smart Phones
  • Analytics

Is your site mobile friendly?



Our Advantage In Your Marketing Strategy

Our web design process starts with understanding your brand, needs, business objectives and goals for your website, and developing an appropriate timeline and project plan.  We conduct research on your industry, competitors, audience, and interview internal stakeholders to construct a strategic marketing plan.  We develop a sitemap and wireframe of your project. This helps us define the key features, functionalities, and structure of your new website and allow that to inform design.  Working collaboratively with your team, we determine what content is necessary and useful for your website as well as where it should be placed for maximum impact.

CICOR Marketing’s Simple Web Design Process


  • Research & Analysis
  • Site Map
  • Hosting & Domain Name
  • Contracts & Financials
  • Development Time
  • Media & Resources


  • Wireframe
  • Design Planning UX
  • Design Mockups
  • Review & Approval Cycle
  • Coding Validation


  • Building Framework
  • Code Page Templates
  • Develop & Test Features
  • Content
  • Test & Verify Links and Functionality


  • Site Improvements
  • Transfer to Live Server
  • Final Testing & Diagnostics
  • Final Cross Browser Testing
  • Google Analytics Integration



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