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The team at CICOR Marketing has had the privilege of working with hundreds of small and large companies and their brands for decades. And just like those organizations, we place our creativity, skill, and passion into every solution that CICOR Marketing develops on their behalf. We enjoy working in close partnership with our clients, and we ensure that their success is our success.

We believe that business growth begins with a selection of marketing services that our clients can utilize as needed to enhance their growth. That’s why at the foundation of every client engagement we first help you with branding, strategy, and how to building your online presence. Afterwards we work with our clients to implement systems into your company that streamline your business processes, so you can use more of your time to do what you love, and less worrying about how you’re going to get more customers of your own.

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Some of our most heavily engaged marketing services for clients:

Excellence Is A Moving Target

Have Clarity In Your Business Goals And Vision

Customer Engagement

Grow Your Business Faster And Easier

At CICOR Marketing, we have worked with countless different business verticals to help our clients grow their customer engagement across a vast array of marketing channels.

How Customer Engagement Works

CICOR Marketing philosophy is that encouraging your customers to interact and share their experiences about your company will build a brand growth and loyalty towards your product or services.  Our clients that are focused on value creation and not explicitly on revenue generation.  By executing a strong customer engagement strategy, CICOR Marketing is able to foster an end-to-end customer experience through great content and/or interactive methods to create a loyal customer following.

A few key components to engaging client customers include:

  • Customer Experience Is #1
  • Humanizing Your Brand
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Personalized Customer Communications
  • Have Useful Content
  • Listen To What Your Customers Say

CICOR Marketing understands that when a client considers their customer engagement strategy that it entails everything from the brand message, their customers’ experiences, and how each client will be rewarded with the loyalty and trust of their customers.

Engage Your Customers

Don’t Let The Sun Set On Your Business

Strategic Marketing Objectives

CICOR Marketing helps their clients to align both their business objectives and their marketing objectives into a strategic plan for their growth.  In order to develop a realistic outcome for both, CICOR Marketing will often work with a variety of departments within a company to devise a plan that can achieve these objectives while meeting legal requirements and technological barriers.

Reaching The Right Customers

Getting your brand in front of the right customer can often be viewed as a strategic initiative of the marketing objectives of a client.  Often there is a great need to understand consumer buying trends, anticipate product needs, and how to translate the objectives into a set of clear and actionable steps to reach those customers at the best time to influence their purchasing decision.

At CICOR Marketing, we know that a valuable marketing objective is more than creating a website, implementing SEO, advertising, and getting customer submissions for our clients.

Additional Marketing Services

Not everything can be digital

Some of the many types of traditional marketing services provided by Cicor Marketing include:

  • Business Card Design
  • Marketing Literature – brochures, flyers, catalogs
  • Press Releases
  • Articles for editorial pieces
  • Direct Mail Design

Tactical Business Objectives

Creating Opportunities To Reach Your Customers


Cicor Marketing can develop an entire brand to represent your company and make you recognizable to all that see you
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