You have a fantastic product or service, now you want to showcase it online. You can eliminate the traditional storefront business hour restraint by offering your products or services directly on your website. eCommerce is the perfect solution to meet the demand of your clients for when they want to shop, request an estimate, or schedule an appointment. CICOR Marketing can bring your online retail goals to life, by creating a seamless and welcoming user experience for clients.

Different types of eCommerce

CICOR Marketing offers multiple eCommerce solutions and can help assist with what best meets the needs of your business while expanding your sales and client base

Types of eCommerce Solutions

Physical Products

These eCommerce transactions are similar to visiting a retail business, but all online. Companies can showcase their products virtually on their website. Customers select what they want to purchase by moving them to their cart. When a sale is confirmed with payment and shipping details, businesses ship orders to the customers.


Digital Products

As innovative as technology has become, digital products collaborate both products and services. Digital products may include an ebook, software, an online course, virtual tutoring or coaching, and so much more. Many industries have expanded to virtual services, and eCommerce allows you to continue your business service through your website.


Through eCommerce, almost anything can be purchased or scheduled online. Perhaps you are looking for a platform that can help describe a service or schedule an estimate for a price? eCommerce can help with that! By allowing your business to convert potential customers after traditional business hours eCommerce offers a welcoming and flexible client experience. Such as direct scheduling appointments for your business by integrating schedule features.

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