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Today’s marketing efforts are substantially different than they were 20 years ago.  At CICOR Marketing we look at the client needs and know where we can offer the greatest return on their investment, which is why we focus on the digital aspect of client needs.

This is why CICOR Marketing focuses on the digital aspects of marketing for our clients.  We engage with clients to produce everything from websites and digital advertising / pay per click to the design of the printed goods their business needs.  By focusing on the digital aspect of client’s needs we are able to keep our quality of work high and our cost lower than many of our competitors.

The need for certain print materials still exist for many businesses and day to day function of a given business.  Even printed goods and items require the use of digital artwork, layout, and design before they are actually produced.  When we work with a client on print marketing materials, we will generate the artwork in its entirety and allow them to send that artwork to a printer of choice for actual production.

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